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Uhlenhorst is a quiet neighborhood close to the Alster lake and to downtown. Directly on the Alster lake in the Street Schöne Aussicht are magnificent villas and gardens close to the water.
Today, the Alster lake shore is open to the public and invites you to walk or jog and go for a boat tour. On the north side of the Uhlenhorster Kanal you can live in a nice neighbourhood,  directly on the water. Idyllic and quiet it is even in the little side streets and on Feenteich.

The area east of the Hofweg is cultivated with normal rental housing.
In Uhlenhorst the Hochschule für Bildende Künste and Kunstgewerbeschule is located. The district is also home to the guest house of the Senate, reside in the high-level international guests.

The Hofweg is the promenade of the district. Here you will find many shops, supermarket on the deli to antiques shops and boutiques. Restaurants serving international cuisine have settled between the pretty blocks of flats. The shopping centre Hamburger Strasse is a shopping mall in the Mundsburg tower. Here you can find shops of all kinds in the vicinity of the station Mundsburg the German Ernst Deutsch Theater.

Due to its beautiful architecture and proximity to the Alster is Uhlenhorst popular with those who want to stay mostly calm and exquisite.

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