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St. Georg is located in the inner city district and is full of contrasts. Directly on the Alster lake you can find exclusive hotels like the Hotel Atlantic, Bellevue or the Le Meridien. At the Street Lange Reihe you find beautiful art nouveau buildings, while behind the Steindamm and on Hansaplatz more social housing dominate.

St. Georg is traditional home to the gay and lesbian community, many cultures and religions and a place for creative people and artists. The quarter is a lively cultural district with many well-connected organizations and initiatives of all kinds.Around the Lange Reihe one finds a colorful mix of cafes, pubs, restaurants and individual shops.

In St. Georg there are a number of hotels which are located depending on the price situation, directly at the railway station, on the Alster and close to the Steindamm. They accommodate most of the guests of the Hanseatic city. Culturally St.Georg has lots ofoffers. Directly at the main train station, the theatre Deutsches Schauspielhaus. Nearby is the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, a Museum for Arts and Crafts.
You can relax with a walk along the Alster or on one of the boats, which can be hired there. St Georg is an attractive residential area with excellent shopping facilities. Especially the area between Lange Reihe and Alster becomes more and more attractive for singles and couples with disposable income.

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